Brahma microphone

The new Brahma microphone

I wrote a rather harsh assessment of the original Brahma microphone, which you can still read here.  However, I should make it clear that this version is no longer made.  

The Brahma microphone has been further developed, using the same capsules, but in a new body, and manufactured in a different place; the calibration has also been further developed.

Details of the new microphone are now available on a new web page:


The new microphone is available (as before) built into a Zoom H2N recorder:

Brahma Stand-alone

And also as a separate microphone (which is more conventional-looking than previously):

Large-capsule Brahma-in-Zoom

Future developments

Future developments include a version with larger capsules (for a quieter background), in both Zoom and (later) stand-alone versions:

8-Capsule Brahma

An eight-capsule microphone similar to the Core Sound OctoMic for (almost!) 2nd-order Ambisonic recording is also under development; this photo is of an early prototype and may not represent the present form:

Work-in-progress 2nd-order Brahma

Here is a more recent photograph, which (I think) shows that the capsule arrangement has been changed to be the same as in the OctoMic:

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