Links is maintained by Richard Elen, of Meridian Audio Ltd, who has a long association with Ambisonics.  There are many articles here.

Ambisonic FAQ

The long-established Ambisonic FAQ is maintained by Martin Leese.

Ambisonia - downloads of ambisonic material (revived)

Ambisonia is a site originally set up by Etienne Deleflie and containing much practical and theoretical information about Ambisonics.  In its original form, and as later hosted at York University, it also hosted torrents of ambisonic recordings contributed by a number of people (including myself), as B-format files (.amb) and as G-format files encoded to DTS.

During a period that Ambisonia was unavailable, I made all the recordings that I put on Ambisonia available on this site here, and also John Leonard's, with his kind permission.  Both .amb and .dts files are provided, and they remain available from this site.

Ambisonia has now moved to a new home, and is being redeveloped.  Currently the same content is available, this time as direct downloads rather than torrents.

BLaH - real decoder tests

The BLaH trilogy is a group of papers about Ambisonic decoding - based on listening trials - produced by Eric Benjamin, Richard Lee and Aaron Heller.

Gerzon Archive

The Gerzon Archive - Keith Howard has scanned and made available a considerable number of Michael Gerzon's papers, including some of the earlier ones which were previously hard to find.

Michael Gerzon - his early work, with photos

Stephen Thornton was around with Michael Gerzon from the earliest days of his work.  This website gives an account of those days, copiously illustrated with photographs and notes from Steve's diary.  (Also a few photos by me and of me.)

Mirabilis Recordings

I recently discovered a short-lived record label, all of whose fifteen recordings (mainly of organs) were made ambisonically using a single SoundField ST-250 microphone and released as UHJ stereo.  I have documented the recordings that I have been able to acquire or find out about on a separate page here, as the information is not yet available in the UHJ discography.

Sound of Space - downloads of ambisonic material (no longer extant)

Sound of Space was a new website that Etienne Delaflie started developing to replace the Ambisonia website; however, this effort has been discontinued, and the site no longer exists.  A small amount of new material was uploaded to it, but this is no longer available - apart from the few files I contributed which are now included in my downloads on this site.

Sursound - surround sound mailing list

The sursound mailing list is an active list discussing all aspects of surround sound.  Although at times it seems to be almost solely concerned with ambisonics, this is not its intention, and other surround techniques are discussed from time to time.


There is an article on Ambisonics in Wikipedia.  It has been extensively updated recently, mainly by by Richard Elen and Martin Leese, and contains links to related articles.

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