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This site is intended to accumulate my understanding of sound recording, with special reference to ambisonics. There will be some history, some stuff on stereo recording techniques, and some on surround recording. There is a description of my early experience of the Core Sound TetraMic, and some useful links.

My interest in this area is entirely in straight-forward recording of classical music. I appreciate that there are other ways of generating recorded sound, and may write some stuff about them, but they are not my particular interest.

I don't have a strong mathematical bent, but may at some point provide links to all the necessary maths where it seems necessary. I also plan a set of useful links to software and articles to help those starting out on surround recording.

Feel free to nag me if you think I should add something to the site, but I will also feel free to politely ignore such requests! The site will probably never be finished according to the plan suggested by the menu...

Paul Hodges

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